High boiling point solvent

Product introduction
High boiling point aromatic hydrocarbon solvent is manufactured by taking reforming arene as raw material according to international naphthalene solvent standard. It has the features of high dissolving capacity, low toxicity, high boiling point, no moisture and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, no heavy metal and fluorine. It can be used as cleaning agent of precision machinery.

Product technical index

Name/item S-1000# S-100 for paint and coating S-100A S-150 S-180 S-200
Appearance colorless transparent colorless transparent colorless transparent colorless transparent Light yellow Light yellow
Density 0.860-0.875 0.865-0.885 0.860-0.875 0.875-0.900 0.915-0.935 0.960-0.985
Boiling range 145-165 160-190 155-185 180-210 195-245 210-270
Arene content%≥ 98 98 98 98 98 98
Flashing point≥℃ 40 42 42 62 82 95
Mixing aniline point≥℃ 13 14 14 15 14 13

Product uses
S-100: chronic paint and resin solvent, high grade printing oil material and hydrogen peroxide extraction agent
S-150: high grade stoving varnish solvent, pesticide and rubber resin solvent
Please do not contact with human body for long time and use in ventilated environment
Packing and storage
In tank and clean iron drum as dangerous chemical products